We live in times where technology such as facetune and terms such as deepfake daily appear in the public interest and mainstream headlines.

In the midst of this people easily overlook what is the most important thing across all online interaction. The ability to distinguish who is real and who is not.

We are not talking about the authenticity of news or fact checking. The problem we successfully solved lies in the realms of:
– Chatrooms and chat apps,
– Private classes and tutoring inside people’s private homes by appointment,
– Causal meetings for business collaboration with new found partners or
– Just about every dating app when it comes to meetup face to face.

Today’s apps and websites offering those abilities all lack one thing. The ability for the user to verify that the other party in the conversation is really who it pretends to be.

Society today has developed 15 layers of security within the online banking system and collaborative business systems.

Yet, none of them can’t give you a real bulletproof guarantee that you are not being cat-fished, scammed or worst case of all, assaulted or killed when things depend on trust.

Thanks to FaceCheck ID “Trust but verify” is now a possibility online. And yes it is 100% bulletproof and requires nothing but 20 seconds of your time and of course the facecheck app.

FaceCheck is not social, you can’t add friends or engage in chitchat. This is by design. FaceCheck doesn’t aim to keep you on the platform for hours and there is no content other then the verified facecheck in form of a photo which you receive upon request from the opposite party.

Our company mission is called “better safe then sorry” and our technology backs up every letter about it.

Enjoy facecheck and help improving the service by using it for any situation you feel uncomfortable and need a total piece of mind.

FaceCheck ID is the go to place to get it. The first checkpoint for everyone and anyone you decide to have to pass through.