What does FaceCheck do?

FaceCheck ID app allows you to trigger a selfie of another user on their phone by request and transfer it to your phone un-edited.

How does requesting a FaceCheck work?

Requesting a FaceCheck is as easy as copying another user‘s ID into the request list and sending a Jet on its way.
The user receives a notification per text with a download link to the app.

How do I verify a FaceCheck request?

The verification takes 5 seconds and in that time the requested user’s phone first asks for permission to access the camera then takes a selfie through the front-facing camera. This one-time photo can not be tampered with or edited. It is directly processed and returned to the requesting user as proof of verification.

What does it mean to validate a FaceCheck?

Upon opening a return FaceCheck, the requesting user’s phone generates a FaceCheck Pass with the ability to save and retain as proof. Validating a FaceCheck as safe earns the verifying user’s FaceCheck TrustScore one count up.