In FaceCheck

Our Founder, Thomas Buchmueller, had the idea to FaceCheck, (initially supposed to be named Shooters) on October 18th of 2018, while visiting a downtown Los Angeles network mixer between photographers and models.

The event received large numbers of attendance. A fun atmosphere combined with expert knowledge passed on between the visitors emitted powerful energy and inspired Thomas.

While still at the event, he set aside and began scribbling specs for a „meet and work“ type networking app. Shooters was explicitly designed to mash photographers and models. Thomas realized that it needs to be able to protect especially younger female models from internet trolls.

Out came a unique never before seen function in mainstream dating apps.  Now any user could request an un-editable photo from another, ensuring a new level of face-authenticity. Judged by a side by side comparison with the public profile photos of the person in question.

Thomas named the function FaceCheck and celebrated the now perfect concept as groundbreaking enough to make Shooters a total success.

While still in excitement, Thomas realized that Shooters is not the biggest thing about this idea. FaceCheck as a standalone application, can not just protect models from unexpected work date surprises. It would be useful to everyone, to safely validate any person discovered online, before meeting them in real life for work or pleasure.